Osceleton & Kinect in Grasshopper

In this experiment I’m using Microsoft Kinect to capture hand movements. My hand is simulating a person walking around in a virtual Kinetic Pavilion. The coordinates of my skeleton joints are send to Grasshopper via gHowl and processed to make the shape of the roof move.

When I made this experiment Kinect was just a few weeks on the market for sale and their was no other way than installing it the hard way, like described below. Now a the Firefly plugin has Kinect integrated.

How to install:

1. Install unstable OpenNI. Choose the Development Edition 32bit (even if you have 64bit, Osceleton only works on 32bit)

2. Install Sensor. Click on Downloads then go to the Bin folder and install SensorKinect-Win-OpenSource32- (Win 32bit)

3. Install unstable NITE. Choose the Development Edition 32bit

4. Install Osceleton. Click on Downloads then choose OSCeleton-v1.2.1_win32.zip

5. Install gHowl.

7. Open Osceleton.exe

8. Run Rhino & Grasshopper

9. Use the UDP Receive from gHowl in Grasshopper (P: 7110 and #: 999)

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  1. Matt

    Hi Elise,
    Have you had any success with recieving skeleton data streams in grasshopper (via OSCeleton > Ghowl) for more than one user?
    – Matt

    • Hi Matt,
      No, just one user yet… but basically it should be possible I guess. It’s possible in Processing and Ghowl uses the same principle via OSC.
      I tried but I didn’t search long enough when it didn’t work with two persons because I hadn’t a lot of time.

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