Media Facade Reloaded at Nuit Blanche 2011

During Nuit Blanche and Todays Art Festival in Brussels, 7 artists took control of miniMAL, the low-res, low-tech media facade created by iMAL for temporary events. Together, we designed interactive projects and animations playing with iMAL’s urban context and presented on the media facade.

This 4 days workshop was dedicated to the design and development of interactive interfaces and softwares to drive the 18 LED spotlights behind iMAL’s windows.

We designed interaction through various inputs (microphone, webcam, sensors, mobile devices, web data,…) and created surprising visualisations on miniMAL that was presented during Nuit Blanche and the Todays Art Festival in Brussels! The projects interacted with iMAL’s urban context and passer-by’s.

KineTicTacToe is a game for 2 players that invite the audience to play TicTacToe on the Facade by hand gesture . It uses a 3D camera (Kinect) that sense the users hands location . By waving the left hand in the air, the player can light on the windows & by pushing the hand forward the player confirm his selection . The selected window is lit either RED or GREEN . When all windows are selected, the whole building is illuminated with an animation.

Location: iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels

Dates: 28 September – 1 October 2011

Tutors: Marie-Laure Delaby: coordination
Yannick Antoine: software development (Processing)
Jan Vantomme: software development (Processing)
Greg Alveolis: technical support


images by iMAL.

video by Vormplus.

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